Elderly Concern


It might not be possible to care of your elderly relative as much as you would like to, so let us explain what we can do.

Staying in touch

With all our customers, we go that extra mile and call them once a week for a little chat. It's not only to see if they need assistance but it's also provides bit of company... and sometimes, that phone call makes all the difference.


Using a sophisticated piece of technology, we can be contacted 24/7 by any of our customers.

We call it, The Panic Button. It is a simple pendant that the customer can wear and if they feel unwell or need assistance, at a press of a button it will call one of our fully trained carers.

Peace of Mind

Whilst some customers have younger relatives, they are not always possible for them to drop in or even respond or visit. 

That is why, with your permission, we keep them updated with your well-being