Influential Syndicate

By Plan Beyond Ltd

What are the benefits?

the registration

The registration process is very straight forward. A single payment will grant you registration to the syndicate upto 10 years.

unwritten agreement

If you are member of the syndicate, there is an understanding that the members of the syndicate continue to look after their own. 

your security

Without prejudice, only members of the syndicate can verify if another colleague is also a member.

the way forward

When difficult decisions are required, the syndicate approach provides clarity in making decisions to recruit or to let a person go.


Consider the financial benefits of introducing members of your social network into the Syndicate. 

For every person whom you refer to the Syndicate, you will receive 50% of their membership fee

You don’t have to be a mathematician to calculate that when you introduce just ten members, you will receive up to £247


When you take out a 10 year membership with the Syndicate, you will be rewarded with a £100 Experience Day Voucher

From balloon trips to clay pigeon shooting. Maybe a romantic meal with your partner or a relaxing day at a luxurious hotel and spa?

The big question is, what will you choose?  


Did you know that employees who have Security Clearance are more desirable and can often get higher paid jobs?

When you become a member of the Syndicate we perform a Security Clearance Check and provide you with a certificate. 

This allows you to apply for better paid jobs or negotiate a better deal with your existing employer.

Black Tie Events

Become a complementary member of a very privileged society and induldge in Black Tie Events held at prestigious locations throughout the United Kingdom.

Membership to the UK Black Tie Events organisation is free for those who have taken out a 10 year membership with the Syndicate. 

Where to begin?

Registration is entirely your decision. A one off payment and can be made via Credit Card or Debit Card by clicking on the link below.

  • Following the payment, you have 15 days to cancel your application. Thereafter, you will be granted a 5 or 10 year membership.
  • Any referral fee will be rewarded after 30 days of membership.
  • Security Clearance checks can be requested after the 15th day of Membership.

Still Unsure?

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